Monday, October 19, 2009

Sheikh Mujib Rahmatullah Alayhe

It was not very long but this ramadan, when i was watching TV (may be it was, before iftar. There was a show going on where viewers ask question and the panel answer it. All were based on and related to islam. I heard a teacher of madrassa calling and placing a question that they are getting pressure to put the photo of Sheikh saheb in the madrassa premise. Being an islamic educational institution, how they should respond to it. The panel responded carefully and said the authority, they believe, are fully aware about islamic rules and regulations. Surely they would be bringing a solution to it and the pressure must not be there. That questioner, termed sheikh saheb as 'sheikh mujib rahmatullah alayhe'.

And this is the title of today's post.

I found this very interesting. But it was just a single incident, i later did not find any related news on this. or saw anything anywhere. May be it was a fun by someone.

This morning, i was looking at the newspapers! My eye got choked when i saw a report on Daily Naya Diganta! It says the friday 'khutba's in our mosques must include sheikh saheb. Interesting. I think if they keep pushing may be he will become an apostle in near future. Now BAL have changed their target. They do not bother for Nobel Prize for hasina mia but they are setting connection in ruhanyat!

I think BAL is walking on multiple levels, seen, unseen.

They always wanted to widen the gap between people and islam. If the news or discussion at islamic foundation is true, how will you respond to it?

Look, it been in islamic history for centuries that khutbah typically contained praise for the landlords. But many a shariah specialist found this annoying to public. This makes no difference between a feudal society and the teachings of islam. 'Praise the king to live in his kingdom'! Like they changed nights into days by pulling the watch back.

If i am correct, i read certain verses in the holy quran where Allah said something like 'surely there are signs for wise people how we create days from nights and nights from days'! BAL may think themselves to be that wise, they pulled the watch backward!

Anyway, shall not be fluffy anymore.

I do not mean to hurt anyone or anybody as all the contents you read here are simply my own funky-stuffs. Nothing institutional or representative.

No doubt he was a great leader and certainly he would remain in his own place. You do not need to impose or instruct mosques to deliver khutba on sheikh saheb. It was done in middle ages. But islam is a great religion and it keeps purifying itself always. If you really want imams of mosque to deliver khutbah on sheikh saheb; be aware that you will be responsible for bringing the BAL and anti-BAL rages into the mosque.

Surely mosques are places for security, safety and peace! Khutbah on sheikh saheb may led to ignite some tension on the mosque premise! Doing anything that makes the mosque as a crowded bazaar - is a top bad job and people will not appreciate it!

I really do not know what is in their mind. I do not want to term this proposal maker as a slave or i do not know - but i am sure slave is much of higher distinction than the person whoever proposed it.

The present situation in Bangladesh does not permit any thing from the politics to go inside the religion. People are much aware. Instead i see implementing this, if at all they can do it, will cause clash at mosques.

How many mosques we have in our country? A hundred thousand?
With full of their anger, if these rages convert in clashes instantly, do you know how many people will be in risk of injury from going to mosque?

Even if you take 1 person per mosque, it is still a hundred thousand people!

People will surely protest anything that they do not enjoy or like! You cannot stop it. Like you they have their rights!

See, such a proposal can create great damage! The direct outcome will be such clashes converted from hot debates & argument and the indirect outcome will be 'unrest' in society. The man who lived like brothers for being muslim beyond their political believes will now be forced to break!

The brotherhood of islam will be destroyed!
People will not let the kids to go to mosque for clashes. Kids will forget their religion.

May be these are BAL's ultimate motive.

I hope Allah will increase our tolerance power! And ensure his children will safely go back to their home as few from the spoilt are planning to hamper the continuity!!!

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