Friday, November 20, 2009

The court verdict on mujib killing and few truths

Last Thursday our court gave a historical ruling over mujib killing trial that uphold the verdict given by highcourt. However, the consequences that the killers have to die. We all knew this would be the court verdict. Hence, the government needs to complete the formalities in proper trial procedures. This is done with this verdict.

There are few things that Bangladesh Awami (a urdu word) League did and doing....i shall try to put these here by points:

1. Sheikh Saheb was killed at mid night as we all know with his families.
2. On the 15 August, following day - few of the awami members were fully aware that there will be some oath taking ceremony.
3. Kh. Mustaq became the president. And a full minister line was also there. This list of ministers taking oath even includes Dewan Farid Gaji!!!
4. These ceremonies were performed by H T Imam - now adviser to sheikh hasina.
5. On 26TH September Kh. Mustaq issue Presidential Ordinance protecting the killers. This is known as 'indemnity ordinance'.
6. It took awami league, its leaders and all the well wishers of awami league to file a case against this killing - 21 years.
7. General Shafiullah and A K khandokar along with their navy incharge - were the three people who stepped up to deliver nation wide radio speech to support and raise acceptance for Kh. Mustaq.

I have wishes to give you full details on this very soon. I shall get my contents organized for it. At any level, BNP, Zia or Any of zia family were not linked with that killing. You will get this proved. Zia came to scene later, even after jail killings. And he came to the consequences when soldiers brought him!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 19, 2009

Today is a special day, November 19, 2009. And i have few issues to share with you all:

The ministers, government servants, security forces and agents, so called our 'detective' branches had alarmed, whistled that on 19 there will be 'nashokota nashokota vaab' in the country. Therefore they have tightened up all security measures. They are checking every suspects and have already sent thousands of floating people from the street to jail as 'chalaan'. Vagabonds are really threat and can add colors to the 'nashokota nashokota vaab'. No doubt - our government thinks so.

Anyway we were wondering why there will be 'nashokota', who wants to 'nash' what?

The taken measures beefing the security were armed forces deployment and so on. I am sure who recently roamed around the city have experienced this. Some black and blue dressed bulls stop different vehicles, get the passengers out of it, ask some question and checks ins and outs of the vehicle - i mean kills the valuable times and allow us to go without saying a simple 'thank you' for your cooperation.

No, i am wrong. The government have taken full initiatives to maintain law and order and security for citizens. They have asked every CNG scooters to put up a metal made cage on their open sides, so the passengers getting in can feel protected like the animals in zoo. Yes, if you do not believe my words, just go outside on the street and see the changes yourself. Just as nashokota nashokota vaab, i wanted to go from north to south of the city and i hired a CNG - this morning. Really, we got the cage and i felt like same what i said and what you would experience.

See, the government is advising funniest measures for public to take. They clearly failed to ensure safe journey of people. Aah! Awami league!!!

BNP's party constitution: how we will feel it is our party constitution?

I think the lessons 1/11 put for them, they did not accept it. As we all know recently BNP's party constitution and organizational policies been revised by party's talents pools - we the mass, followers, supporters, activists and appraisers - are ideally kept aside in the process. This is not democracy!

I feel serious to this issue as few of the higher ups as well as few of the think tanks contributed largely and the task of improvising and revising the contents were assigned to them officially. But we the mass kept blank. Why? This is not correct practice, this is not right. Like you and you all, it is also my party and i have voted for my party and i work for my party. Why my voices will not be heard before the party high command adopts the new constitution and the principals. We did not forget the miracle done by the same class of people who let the scene with last election.

We want to see the party constitution. Madam please make new history and example before you formally adopt to the party constitution! Open up the draft and the proposal to us. Send it to news papers and get it published - even if it requires you to publish in advertisement format. We want to see it and say our sayings before you approve it. We are the party we want to clear our future mission and vision by the next council.

This is not really appreciated! In fact it is shocking that you did not want to judge the party members sentiment. Your high command were not in jail, but you. Remember, we missed you a lot on those days and we do not want anything same or similar to happen ever in future and we want our party constitution itself to raise new leadership, practice democracy and be more tolerant with strong focus on sociocultural bonds. The constitution should dig up the first seed of democratic ruling and party activities.

Madam, please publish the constitution, we want to see what you are approving by the surroundings - off course trusted for years long. We have respect for all of them whoever draft up this. But we also have right to say about it. It is no matter that the party engage few people and assign the task to them. But we have the right to know. Please do not violate our right. Allow us to exercise our right to discuss, debate and think about the party constitution you are going to approve and amend next. This is safe and good for all.

Madam! Madaaaaaaaaam! Maaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Please listen us!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clashes among CHT BNP

This is not a good sign the news titled in every newspapers this morning. Whoever you say, khasru or noman; should be sent a letter to explain their responsibilities. The whole party is now under a process of reorganization, CHT been the biggest part and most influential leaderships - have undoubtedly failed the message of unity compromising on the past deals!

It been much discussed and long waited council call for BNP, CHT. Everybody expected this need to be a success after experiencing 1/11. However, they have not changed. Very sorry, but the practice and culture have not changed. It is not a good sign.

I think, since the process of isolating and damaging the reputation of BNP is working everywhere by state, government, opposition parties and so on civil classes - BNP high command should punish both the leaders. We know khasru's performance and noman's dedication; but at this over all context of BNP, very now, it should not be tolerated. Get their spaces curtailed and exposed little in principle.

I know none of these are going to happen. But their activities helped to deliver and add spirit to the message our oppositions are trying to deliver. See the newspapers with SIA with BAL, they never post such big image of hasina. But they published so big picture of the clashes between CHT BNP groups.

Monday, November 16, 2009

General Shafiullah: The coward general

I was reading the news from the appellate division hearings on sheikh murder case. At certain points, few issues were clearing up from the news and real concerns were expressed in the hearing. It is not like they were not previously, we debated on. But at least whatever we said or debated or discussed in many days; are now presented before the court under a judicial procedure. It makes lot different from us saying 'AA' and saying the same in court. Anyway. I have few questions.

Why general shafiullah's ranks and benefits and so on will not be taken away like Army did with one former head of the department - i guess that was related with making some novice remarks.

If some novice remarks can cause a former army head to surrender all of his things, why shafiullah will not have the same fate? He should have and if it is not done yet, make him do it to uphold the glory of military.

I cannot imagine why sheikh promoted shafiullah at his ruling. There is no reason, i understand. If he would let the chain of command in army go with its own way, things might had changed. Even sheikh trusted shafiullah so blatantly. Sheikh was betrayed and they were all bad guys with good face on around him. I really feel sad with the happenings with him, such a public figure!

Being a general and head of state army, he knew everything. He knew what is going to happen. As we know the sequence of happenings and detail of the incident; we easily can understand; it was well planned. Not like an instant incident. It was a killing plot that were shared among the players, that - i do not know - they might have rehearsal - i do not know. But any level it does not conclude to be a instant incident. And general shafiullah knew it well. He knew it and he was silent, never bothered to report it. Why? He saw carrots? May be as the proceeding of the trial shows that government is very keen in bringing the righteous justice in this matter - hasina said nothing yet - and this is not the usual hasina as we know her- this week we will get the verdict from court.

Even the court will finish its job and few will get hung; but it will let those carrot dreamer shafiullah untouchable. If you do not dig proper well enough, you will not get the clear picture and real motif.

There were few soldiers who did it but they were backed by their seniors, politicians, government employees and so on. It seems like A's interest plus B's interest plus C's interest etc all matched in the killing. Off i cannot think of it. If such so many backers were there, the ultimate target may be were different totally and quite big at our complete astonishment. Not certain, but since it is BAL government, it is high time, they should not get the file closed after the punishment delivered. And there is no real sense in trying to relate Zia family in it. Do not make non sense as few of BAL leaders related Tarek Zia with this sad event. But in practical we all know he was too kid to handle at that time. I suggest BAL that, since they successfully managed to bring the matter to today's state; they should open up all the rest behind it than making simple political agenda by relating zia family.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

BNP needs to repair and rebuild its relationship with media

Not writing for long...been little upset for reasons....what i observed that BNP needs to invite media personnel, news paper stuffs and editors, reporters and so on whoever are there -that create the concern, raise the pressure on respective authorities........immediately.

We lack in maintaining relationship with our media industry both electronic and printed. We, even the worse than maintaining, never take initiatives to repair, rebuild, or reduce the gaps that been certainly orchestrated by others. I think it is high time we seriously need to look at it. No doubt, our media industry have effectively make us feel their presence, strongly. Like it or don't; we are having some isolation. Please work on it.

It is Bangladesh Nationalist Party who amended the 4TH amendment of constitution - which was repeatedly changed from its spirits by Sheikh at his ruling periods, four times - and ensured the freedom and growth of the media industry in Bangladesh. Should they be the most closed one to the media, unfortunately BNP failed to do so in reality. However, the spirit and good wishes BNP had with fifth amendment of our constitution; is holding at the same height. BNP has an open scope and much advantageous ways to tighten up the bond. Let madam, be a frequent flyer to press club and change the guy the whoever is in media relation function and responsibilities of the party - not proved himself to be worthy. Remember, there will be no movement against this BAL government, it will be a REVOLUTION. The media wing of the party is really a crap! Who is he, change him now! But reduce the gap with the media industry.


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