Friday, October 16, 2009

BAL intriguing plot in the name of 'Conference on Poverty Eradication'

They made a plot in the name of 'conference on poverty eradiaction'. It is nothing but the same old food in new package. BALs were excited to the fullest as they thought this is the day they are going to make history. Nice attempts though! Allah opened up their true faces now. And surely Khaleda Zia is among those rightly guided and blessed. Her recent announcement about boycotting the conference was just nothing but a slap on the face of BAL and their prime minister - for not being prime minister of the nation but only 'BAL'er prime minister.

Did you ever hear that Khaleda Zia or any of her party member confirmed or said anything that Khaleda Zia will be joining the conference and make poverty eradication call jointly with the BAL leader?

The answer is 'no'.

Then, how come such a reaction spreading in newspapers, internet!!! I am sure tonight we will see some overwhelming responses (please read negative reactions, negative comments & gusti udhdhar) on BNP and Khaleda Zia by the self-claimed 'Jatir bibeker dai' speakers and boktas on series of talk shows.

What a nasty politics that BAL does.

Many people in the country and abroad been looking at this conference. Most of them ignored the fact that the announcement of Khaleda Zia joining such conference were solely made by BAL activities and their 'stake holders'.

This joint effort propaganda went so high at its pace and height that they could and been proved to be successful enough, without doubt, created impression among the nation that Khaleda Zia is really going to attend the conference. Neither Khaleda Zia's joining the conference can eradicate poverty overnight nor Hasina. We all know the truth. But what makes the difference is the past. Khaleda Zia for sure cannot go there. At least she is the only leader on this world - who fought against poverty all her life and who lead by example of poverty eradication. The land for her country remained same but the population keep growing. She served the nation for the longest terms to eradicate the poverty after series of natural calamities, political unrest. She is the only leader who managed to get this nations overall socioeconomic indicators higher than any other leader of this world. Her fight against the poverty is uncomparable and she saved millions during her rules.

When Khaleda Zia was struggling all her best, days after days, months after months; Hasina of BAL kept putting obstacles on her ways. We did not forget those days. BAL wants poverty for political business and capitalization.

It is said in our religion to 'hate poverty'.

Surely a pure call for poverty eradication can jointly be addressed or a movement can jointly be launched again. But it was not a pure call. It was a plot against the party and our leader. They plotted to harass her by the audience and treatment by attendance in person. They wanted to create scene and dramas to put a new blame game. They wanted to capitalized on the outcome of the conference and to send nomination for nobel prize. Sheikh Hasina is dying for nobel prize. She does not deserve it and she lacks.

They had different motive! Political capitalization! They realized they went far away from the people and their real massalla of vote casting opened up! They want themselves to get popularity in shadow of the presence of Khaleda Zia!

They realized it and it is proved that they want more promotion with the help of Khaleda zia because Hasina felt short!!!

Council of BNP

We received the declaration, after lots of discussions, guesses, debates! It is December 8, 2009, Bangladesh Nationalist Party to held their Fifth National Council. A great day finally.

We can recall, it was after fall of homo; when Khaleda led BNP first got the power, we had our last council. I can still remember that day in front of our Sangsad Bhaban. We had everyone coming there from all around the country. We were strong, quick and bold in our presence. It was long back!

Anyway, let us come to some point. This council, was indeed needed for a long time. But the bustard moeen as well as the flow in political culture of Bangladesh - might hold it back. Finally it is raining now.

We have experienced again what it takes a nation without democracy. We saw the traitors, we saw the believers and do not forget we saw the opportunist. We also saw the 'nobin'; group in the party.

For me, the party must take some strong active initiatives to standout their political motives, philosophy and belief to the young generation. We saw so many things and background of BNP formation. But these young peoples do not know. We need to spread out this to them. And the party must do something. They need to live web broadcast if necessary to spread the party principles clearly to the young boy or girl sitting in front of the computer next door.

We must not wait. They must know our party beliefs and so that they can compare it within the time BAL rules this period. This we need to make sure, so BAL do not comeback in power, and NEVER!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Much not a speaker, Golam, the ACC chief has opened up his mouth recently. We saw nothing but he said 'toothless tiger' turning also in 'nail less on the claws'. Interesting!

Golam, once a civil servant, has now to take the prescriptions of Law ministry headed by dedicated servant of judicial system. Both of them belong to BAL, but the skin color is different so is the food they had. The races are different. You cannot call monkeys simply 'monkey' when they look blackish and yellowish. If you have not yet learn it then learn now to say 'a blackish monkey'; 'a yellowish monkey'.

Well, i do not like confusing people. Let us go straight to it. The Golam, the blackish monkey, said the law minister or the yellowish monkey - sent them love letter prescriptions. The prescription is all about reforming the laws for the ACC. The implementation can cut the working capacity of ACC. The black monkey cannot jump on anywhere they want, anymore. Yellow monkey wants the territory to be urinated for marking purpose so the black monkey be completely aware of its periphery. Yellow monkey seems to be wiser enough. He also ensured how the black monkey's should behave within their own territory. The yellow monkey do not want to accept it, at least he cannot die for it - he never says this is not going to help dinbodol. It is like a pros saying he raised my cloths to poke - i was just standing to see what he does. So the yellow monkey called for a press conference and said 'uptakoiralagaykaitkoiralagaychitkoiralagaykharialagaybosaialagay'.

The black monkey spelled out it is the yellowish system not letting them work properly. What a heck! We know this. We do not hope for any better when we saw the judicial separation ultimately did nothing better or no improvement for the common people. In fact, common people avoid courts. We know some people have nothing but to sell their 'words'. We do not have time for them. We do not even think by mistake some miracle will happen there, ever. Have you heard about 'khashi murgi'?

Anyway, yellow monkey wants black monkey on their monkey terms. Monkey terms mean BAL terms. So ACC can be converted. This will help in ACC bodol. The yellow made the prescription, the black with respect to their racial association will have to accept it. And so, ACC is in process of BAL-isation. It will be converted in harassing the opponents.

I have questions irrelevantly relevant:

- where is the toothless tiger actually?
- did BAL change their habits?

Shameless act of Awami League

In a rigorous move of overthrowing public interest, exiling any attempts to get the citizen protected and more secured, that BAL government have yesterday passed a law to give life time special security arrangement for the LEFTOVER Sheikh family. What a shameless act in the name of democracy! What a hypocrite!

This would be the day in the history of democracy to be noted when democracy turned into regal feudalism. Yes, that of the mid age. And that is what her father wanted to achieve - to become a king, his sons- to become prices, his daughters-to become princesses. Sheikh himself was so shameless in his doings and sayings, so we had expected that her daughter would have learn the lessons from the history that power must be exercised and rights must be established without compromise and correctly. But it seems she, doctor hasina mia, is not so receptive to the lessons. This is very bad.

There are hundreds and thousands of incidents in this city where we the common people have to get cheated or robbed - you never strengthened the enforcement of the prevailing laws to secure our daily life. You never imposed new regulations so we feel more secured and protected. You did nothing exemplary. You are truly a non-benevolent!

Instead you want public to spend money, give taxes so you can raise, feed and maintain a force to secure you and the butts! This is shameless act. I do not want my taxes to go in the treasury and save or protect the butts for being the member of sheikh family in the name of threats created by themselves. We can pay taxes for our prime minister's security but not for butt's and buttocks!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First case withdrawal against tarique rahman

Just saw the news on bdnews24 that BAL government have decided to drop the case against Tarique Rahman! What a move BAL made. For sure those cases, are still undoubtedly, yet to get their final verdicts from the court. Most of the cases, filed under Bustard Moeen regime, were tools of harassment and physical torture to Tarique.

The report said only one case against tarique will be dropped as BAL found it filed for bad motives. I have a question. That bustard moeen and the gang, in their two years time could not prove any single allegations against him. And nor any case got a resolution yet, what is making BAL to keep all other cases against him, HANGING? Just get the cases dropped ASAP. Otherwise you must share the blame of doing the harms with the life of tarique in the name of interrogation of these cases! If you cannot get the life back to him for the sins he never committed; can't you even drop all the cases against him now!!!? Or you want to play game????


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