Sunday, November 15, 2009

BNP needs to repair and rebuild its relationship with media

Not writing for long...been little upset for reasons....what i observed that BNP needs to invite media personnel, news paper stuffs and editors, reporters and so on whoever are there -that create the concern, raise the pressure on respective authorities........immediately.

We lack in maintaining relationship with our media industry both electronic and printed. We, even the worse than maintaining, never take initiatives to repair, rebuild, or reduce the gaps that been certainly orchestrated by others. I think it is high time we seriously need to look at it. No doubt, our media industry have effectively make us feel their presence, strongly. Like it or don't; we are having some isolation. Please work on it.

It is Bangladesh Nationalist Party who amended the 4TH amendment of constitution - which was repeatedly changed from its spirits by Sheikh at his ruling periods, four times - and ensured the freedom and growth of the media industry in Bangladesh. Should they be the most closed one to the media, unfortunately BNP failed to do so in reality. However, the spirit and good wishes BNP had with fifth amendment of our constitution; is holding at the same height. BNP has an open scope and much advantageous ways to tighten up the bond. Let madam, be a frequent flyer to press club and change the guy the whoever is in media relation function and responsibilities of the party - not proved himself to be worthy. Remember, there will be no movement against this BAL government, it will be a REVOLUTION. The media wing of the party is really a crap! Who is he, change him now! But reduce the gap with the media industry.

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