Monday, December 7, 2009

It is not time to be confused for BNP supporters

I would not have written this title or even this post. but have to write it now. Many a readers of this blog and supporters of BNP have questioned me that whether BNP should get Oli Ahmed or B Chowdhury and those who had to leave would join back in this council. I tried explaining them all that, since its inception BNP passed most notorious and hard time in last three years. Those who have their personality images and was big leaders of the party at certain period and level; did nothing for the sake of the party at this period. They all were selfish and remain selfish. This ultimately came true this morning when two of those debating BNP supporters have showed me their nod.

it is not wrong for the BNP supporters to a confused image. But they should think what ultimately happened. As the newspapers also reported that those who left BNP like sheikh rajjak, oli ahmed, b choudhury or mahi b choudhury and so on - since they played good role and worked for the party in past should be asked to join back.

Look, BNP represents the sentiment and emotions of the people of Bangladesh. It is not like kids park, neither BNP at any level lacks its qualities to respond any matters with socio-political diplomacy. Given the changed situation after 1/11 and BALs self claimed proprietorship of liberation war, have divided the nation. BNPs this council is very important and it will show the light to the real path.

We cannot let them grab back whom we or themselves once changed our courses. As i said BNP represents bangladesh, it is tough for those so called mother fucking moralist leaders whoever have left or said or acted against BNP to reinstate themselves in BNP. They wanted to dictate the party when BNP cleanse itself leaving them. There been some whispering -at post 1/11 situation that- all went everywhere that all the freedom fighters are leaving BNP.
No, you are wrong, we are still here and alive with BNP!

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