Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trust vs. Interest

As you all know by now that BNP's council is going to held on 8TH December to BCFCC; there are so many things going within the party. Few of the newspapers off course from BAList have and are repeatedly trying to destabilize the organization of the council - we still can see few people within the party, within BNP are not really cooperating.

We got mass committee reorganized from district level but these are controversial. Controversial in the sense as some of the wings really did not get chance and some we never wanted them to regain party positions, have managed their ways.

There been series of planned and guided attacks while organizing such district councils to form district representative committees where interest groups have acted heinously. You can debate on them as for now the situation is like you will have to accept them. Please be aware that we form most of district committees but those 'bivison' are still in side at policy making level. This is no good. This will not be of any use. BNP for future will still continue with isolation - they recently experienced in terms of media coverage and bond building for awareness.

Check all the leaders and their performances whoever are right now acting in some representative positions of BNP, now should be accounted of organizing their own district committees. It is really a matter of great grief if Kh. Delwar Hossain being acting party secretary is contributing in the spirit at his locality. He is brave and committed.

This is a dark time for the party and the sun is not rising very soon. We still counting the time see some rays of hope that one day the sun will go straight up. I do not mean tarek here.

Like as the newspapers are saying, now we are left with an impression that some 'stability' will not be maintain as from the outcome of the council. Very bad! For example, think of chittagong or cox's bajar incident; what is ultimately established? Lack of unity among party people in those areas? Only division among the leaders were established at the cost of BNP's own image.

Last night NTV said the party leaders will be elected from grass root level. I am waiting for that day when democratic rights will be exercised internally by the political parties of Bangladesh. I could not believe the news. However i got clarity as i got more and details on the report and it said only the party chairperson will be elected. And only the chairperson can selected, elect, choose the candidates for topper positions as per his or her choices. This is no good.

The quality of the revision BNPs constitution said, Chairpersons right to send nomination for party top positions will be revoked from this time. However, if this going to be true that is good. Just you need to add one more line that chairperson will be able to assign responsibilities whoever she wishes but only after grass root workers confirms their performance.

As for management when we studied that top management need to be flexible to run down and up on all the levels of organization so should be practiced. The hierarchy and formation of cluster groups inside the party must not remain so solid that clears out the ways to be spoken for non-heard for long.

People whom we trusted during the bustard moeen jamana, are now putting themselves behind a grey curtain. People who talked for democracy during bustard moeen jamana, are now coming to front line. This must not happen. This is the time for change. We have people around us who are trusted and we have people who are around us for their own interest. We must not judge them equally. Being loyal, brave is one thing and being disturbance to reorganization is another thing. Off course second one is a crime.

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