Friday, November 20, 2009

The court verdict on mujib killing and few truths

Last Thursday our court gave a historical ruling over mujib killing trial that uphold the verdict given by highcourt. However, the consequences that the killers have to die. We all knew this would be the court verdict. Hence, the government needs to complete the formalities in proper trial procedures. This is done with this verdict.

There are few things that Bangladesh Awami (a urdu word) League did and doing....i shall try to put these here by points:

1. Sheikh Saheb was killed at mid night as we all know with his families.
2. On the 15 August, following day - few of the awami members were fully aware that there will be some oath taking ceremony.
3. Kh. Mustaq became the president. And a full minister line was also there. This list of ministers taking oath even includes Dewan Farid Gaji!!!
4. These ceremonies were performed by H T Imam - now adviser to sheikh hasina.
5. On 26TH September Kh. Mustaq issue Presidential Ordinance protecting the killers. This is known as 'indemnity ordinance'.
6. It took awami league, its leaders and all the well wishers of awami league to file a case against this killing - 21 years.
7. General Shafiullah and A K khandokar along with their navy incharge - were the three people who stepped up to deliver nation wide radio speech to support and raise acceptance for Kh. Mustaq.

I have wishes to give you full details on this very soon. I shall get my contents organized for it. At any level, BNP, Zia or Any of zia family were not linked with that killing. You will get this proved. Zia came to scene later, even after jail killings. And he came to the consequences when soldiers brought him!

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