Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Much not a speaker, Golam, the ACC chief has opened up his mouth recently. We saw nothing but he said 'toothless tiger' turning also in 'nail less on the claws'. Interesting!

Golam, once a civil servant, has now to take the prescriptions of Law ministry headed by dedicated servant of judicial system. Both of them belong to BAL, but the skin color is different so is the food they had. The races are different. You cannot call monkeys simply 'monkey' when they look blackish and yellowish. If you have not yet learn it then learn now to say 'a blackish monkey'; 'a yellowish monkey'.

Well, i do not like confusing people. Let us go straight to it. The Golam, the blackish monkey, said the law minister or the yellowish monkey - sent them love letter prescriptions. The prescription is all about reforming the laws for the ACC. The implementation can cut the working capacity of ACC. The black monkey cannot jump on anywhere they want, anymore. Yellow monkey wants the territory to be urinated for marking purpose so the black monkey be completely aware of its periphery. Yellow monkey seems to be wiser enough. He also ensured how the black monkey's should behave within their own territory. The yellow monkey do not want to accept it, at least he cannot die for it - he never says this is not going to help dinbodol. It is like a pros saying he raised my cloths to poke - i was just standing to see what he does. So the yellow monkey called for a press conference and said 'uptakoiralagaykaitkoiralagaychitkoiralagaykharialagaybosaialagay'.

The black monkey spelled out it is the yellowish system not letting them work properly. What a heck! We know this. We do not hope for any better when we saw the judicial separation ultimately did nothing better or no improvement for the common people. In fact, common people avoid courts. We know some people have nothing but to sell their 'words'. We do not have time for them. We do not even think by mistake some miracle will happen there, ever. Have you heard about 'khashi murgi'?

Anyway, yellow monkey wants black monkey on their monkey terms. Monkey terms mean BAL terms. So ACC can be converted. This will help in ACC bodol. The yellow made the prescription, the black with respect to their racial association will have to accept it. And so, ACC is in process of BAL-isation. It will be converted in harassing the opponents.

I have questions irrelevantly relevant:

- where is the toothless tiger actually?
- did BAL change their habits?

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