Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shameless act of Awami League

In a rigorous move of overthrowing public interest, exiling any attempts to get the citizen protected and more secured, that BAL government have yesterday passed a law to give life time special security arrangement for the LEFTOVER Sheikh family. What a shameless act in the name of democracy! What a hypocrite!

This would be the day in the history of democracy to be noted when democracy turned into regal feudalism. Yes, that of the mid age. And that is what her father wanted to achieve - to become a king, his sons- to become prices, his daughters-to become princesses. Sheikh himself was so shameless in his doings and sayings, so we had expected that her daughter would have learn the lessons from the history that power must be exercised and rights must be established without compromise and correctly. But it seems she, doctor hasina mia, is not so receptive to the lessons. This is very bad.

There are hundreds and thousands of incidents in this city where we the common people have to get cheated or robbed - you never strengthened the enforcement of the prevailing laws to secure our daily life. You never imposed new regulations so we feel more secured and protected. You did nothing exemplary. You are truly a non-benevolent!

Instead you want public to spend money, give taxes so you can raise, feed and maintain a force to secure you and the butts! This is shameless act. I do not want my taxes to go in the treasury and save or protect the butts for being the member of sheikh family in the name of threats created by themselves. We can pay taxes for our prime minister's security but not for butt's and buttocks!!!

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