Friday, October 16, 2009

Council of BNP

We received the declaration, after lots of discussions, guesses, debates! It is December 8, 2009, Bangladesh Nationalist Party to held their Fifth National Council. A great day finally.

We can recall, it was after fall of homo; when Khaleda led BNP first got the power, we had our last council. I can still remember that day in front of our Sangsad Bhaban. We had everyone coming there from all around the country. We were strong, quick and bold in our presence. It was long back!

Anyway, let us come to some point. This council, was indeed needed for a long time. But the bustard moeen as well as the flow in political culture of Bangladesh - might hold it back. Finally it is raining now.

We have experienced again what it takes a nation without democracy. We saw the traitors, we saw the believers and do not forget we saw the opportunist. We also saw the 'nobin'; group in the party.

For me, the party must take some strong active initiatives to standout their political motives, philosophy and belief to the young generation. We saw so many things and background of BNP formation. But these young peoples do not know. We need to spread out this to them. And the party must do something. They need to live web broadcast if necessary to spread the party principles clearly to the young boy or girl sitting in front of the computer next door.

We must not wait. They must know our party beliefs and so that they can compare it within the time BAL rules this period. This we need to make sure, so BAL do not comeback in power, and NEVER!

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