Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First case withdrawal against tarique rahman

Just saw the news on bdnews24 that BAL government have decided to drop the case against Tarique Rahman! What a move BAL made. For sure those cases, are still undoubtedly, yet to get their final verdicts from the court. Most of the cases, filed under Bustard Moeen regime, were tools of harassment and physical torture to Tarique.

The report said only one case against tarique will be dropped as BAL found it filed for bad motives. I have a question. That bustard moeen and the gang, in their two years time could not prove any single allegations against him. And nor any case got a resolution yet, what is making BAL to keep all other cases against him, HANGING? Just get the cases dropped ASAP. Otherwise you must share the blame of doing the harms with the life of tarique in the name of interrogation of these cases! If you cannot get the life back to him for the sins he never committed; can't you even drop all the cases against him now!!!? Or you want to play game????

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