Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BNP's party constitution: how we will feel it is our party constitution?

I think the lessons 1/11 put for them, they did not accept it. As we all know recently BNP's party constitution and organizational policies been revised by party's talents pools - we the mass, followers, supporters, activists and appraisers - are ideally kept aside in the process. This is not democracy!

I feel serious to this issue as few of the higher ups as well as few of the think tanks contributed largely and the task of improvising and revising the contents were assigned to them officially. But we the mass kept blank. Why? This is not correct practice, this is not right. Like you and you all, it is also my party and i have voted for my party and i work for my party. Why my voices will not be heard before the party high command adopts the new constitution and the principals. We did not forget the miracle done by the same class of people who let the scene with last election.

We want to see the party constitution. Madam please make new history and example before you formally adopt to the party constitution! Open up the draft and the proposal to us. Send it to news papers and get it published - even if it requires you to publish in advertisement format. We want to see it and say our sayings before you approve it. We are the party we want to clear our future mission and vision by the next council.

This is not really appreciated! In fact it is shocking that you did not want to judge the party members sentiment. Your high command were not in jail, but you. Remember, we missed you a lot on those days and we do not want anything same or similar to happen ever in future and we want our party constitution itself to raise new leadership, practice democracy and be more tolerant with strong focus on sociocultural bonds. The constitution should dig up the first seed of democratic ruling and party activities.

Madam, please publish the constitution, we want to see what you are approving by the surroundings - off course trusted for years long. We have respect for all of them whoever draft up this. But we also have right to say about it. It is no matter that the party engage few people and assign the task to them. But we have the right to know. Please do not violate our right. Allow us to exercise our right to discuss, debate and think about the party constitution you are going to approve and amend next. This is safe and good for all.

Madam! Madaaaaaaaaam! Maaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Please listen us!!!

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