Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clashes among CHT BNP

This is not a good sign the news titled in every newspapers this morning. Whoever you say, khasru or noman; should be sent a letter to explain their responsibilities. The whole party is now under a process of reorganization, CHT been the biggest part and most influential leaderships - have undoubtedly failed the message of unity compromising on the past deals!

It been much discussed and long waited council call for BNP, CHT. Everybody expected this need to be a success after experiencing 1/11. However, they have not changed. Very sorry, but the practice and culture have not changed. It is not a good sign.

I think, since the process of isolating and damaging the reputation of BNP is working everywhere by state, government, opposition parties and so on civil classes - BNP high command should punish both the leaders. We know khasru's performance and noman's dedication; but at this over all context of BNP, very now, it should not be tolerated. Get their spaces curtailed and exposed little in principle.

I know none of these are going to happen. But their activities helped to deliver and add spirit to the message our oppositions are trying to deliver. See the newspapers with SIA with BAL, they never post such big image of hasina. But they published so big picture of the clashes between CHT BNP groups.

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