Monday, November 16, 2009

General Shafiullah: The coward general

I was reading the news from the appellate division hearings on sheikh murder case. At certain points, few issues were clearing up from the news and real concerns were expressed in the hearing. It is not like they were not previously, we debated on. But at least whatever we said or debated or discussed in many days; are now presented before the court under a judicial procedure. It makes lot different from us saying 'AA' and saying the same in court. Anyway. I have few questions.

Why general shafiullah's ranks and benefits and so on will not be taken away like Army did with one former head of the department - i guess that was related with making some novice remarks.

If some novice remarks can cause a former army head to surrender all of his things, why shafiullah will not have the same fate? He should have and if it is not done yet, make him do it to uphold the glory of military.

I cannot imagine why sheikh promoted shafiullah at his ruling. There is no reason, i understand. If he would let the chain of command in army go with its own way, things might had changed. Even sheikh trusted shafiullah so blatantly. Sheikh was betrayed and they were all bad guys with good face on around him. I really feel sad with the happenings with him, such a public figure!

Being a general and head of state army, he knew everything. He knew what is going to happen. As we know the sequence of happenings and detail of the incident; we easily can understand; it was well planned. Not like an instant incident. It was a killing plot that were shared among the players, that - i do not know - they might have rehearsal - i do not know. But any level it does not conclude to be a instant incident. And general shafiullah knew it well. He knew it and he was silent, never bothered to report it. Why? He saw carrots? May be as the proceeding of the trial shows that government is very keen in bringing the righteous justice in this matter - hasina said nothing yet - and this is not the usual hasina as we know her- this week we will get the verdict from court.

Even the court will finish its job and few will get hung; but it will let those carrot dreamer shafiullah untouchable. If you do not dig proper well enough, you will not get the clear picture and real motif.

There were few soldiers who did it but they were backed by their seniors, politicians, government employees and so on. It seems like A's interest plus B's interest plus C's interest etc all matched in the killing. Off i cannot think of it. If such so many backers were there, the ultimate target may be were different totally and quite big at our complete astonishment. Not certain, but since it is BAL government, it is high time, they should not get the file closed after the punishment delivered. And there is no real sense in trying to relate Zia family in it. Do not make non sense as few of BAL leaders related Tarek Zia with this sad event. But in practical we all know he was too kid to handle at that time. I suggest BAL that, since they successfully managed to bring the matter to today's state; they should open up all the rest behind it than making simple political agenda by relating zia family.

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